Jakes Hotel

We are Artists in Residence at Jakes Hotel in
Treasure Beach, Jamaica from January through March.
Come visit
Two Boats Gallery at Jakes
in Squid Cottage by the Spa.
Just ask for Ginny and Tom.

January 17 – March 15, 2018
On Location
Watercolor Lessons

All Materials Supplied
Beginning Artists to Advanced

Time and Location Arranged
Usually 2-3 Hours
$70 US/per hour /per person

Paint Jakes Art Lessons

"Each individual has a unique style. When you apply paint to paper, these characteristics begin to emerge. Our objective is helping each student to connect with this innate energy; to appreciate it and to explore it through painting watercolors."

"Paint Jake's" art lessons are lively, fun adventures into the world of watercolor, designed to open up and expand your creative spirit. Jake's long-time resident-artists, Ginny ONeil and Tom Menihan welcome adults and teens at all levels of experience. 

Class time and location are scheduled for your convenience. Arrangements can be made by emailing Ginny and Tom at: info@twoboatsgallery.com or by calling Jakes at 876.965.3000. Or just set something up when you arrive. 
Please EMAIL us with any questions.

Classes include:
Color exercises, instruction, demonstration, and critique. We'll discuss watercolor media, materials, techniques and composition.

Workshop Materials
While we supply all materials for these classes, you may wish to bring your own favorite painting supplies.